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UK networks have 'no plans' to bring roaming fees back after Brexit

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If Brexit were so simple, it would have happened already.

You wouldn't have watered down proposals of how to do it.

You wouldn't be reliant on the EU bending to your will.

Remainers really are going to have to take responsibility for all three of those.

Gina Miller managed to string the whole thing out by around a year with pointless and meaningless legal challenges for no better reason than she didn't like the result.

Chequers is what happens when you have remainers negotiating Brexit. It's logically absurd - you don't let the people who think we can't possibly succeed without kowtowing to the rEU negotiate how we leave it. Negotiating from a position of fear never produces your best outcome.

We're not reliant on the rEU bending to our will. Leavers don't want chequers, they want a clean break and WTO rules while we sort out a realistic trade deal: essentially rebooting the rEU back to what it was originally intended to be. I know remainers are firghtended by that idea, but that's just mostly because they don't understand economics, trade, or finance.

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