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I guess some conspiracy nutjob who also moonlighting as mail bomber

That's what they want you to believe. They only closed the post office to make something nasty sent through the mail seem like a plausible reason for shutting down the lab.

When the solar observatory accidentally took a picture of the alien spacecraft, their leader on Earth had to act immediately, but fortunately he's dictator of the largest country on Earth and recently managed have a stooge installed as president of the United States. He can't afford to be discovered until his plan - in collusion cooperation with his stooge - to destroy America from within and throw the world into chaos is complete so the invasion can begin. I'll bet he can't help but laugh to himself over the irony of his stooge's tirades against illegal aliens. He even gave him the MAGA phrase, but he knows it really stands for Make Aliens Great Again!

I should watch it, I think QAnon started as a joke, too...someone somewhere is going to believe this shit!

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