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UK networks have 'no plans' to bring roaming fees back after Brexit

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Its only a non story if you nexer stray beyond the safety of Dover

Or maybe, now I'm just speaking from personal experience here so what would I know - we HAVE travelled beyond Dover, like, before the EU was the EU and that we regularly travel BEYOND the EU and know that travelling isn't in any way difficult - or better yet we work with people, companies and do trade outside the EU and have had enough of people talking utter utter nonsense about things they plainly don't understand.

By the way speaking as somebody who's family was robbed by French customs (with some other families - they wanted bribes for completely lawful and normal entry and when they didn't get that they took to just robbing people) with no recourse and held at the Spanish border by the Spaniards for three days when we were supposedly all kumbaya happy friends anybody who thinks any of this is a thing has ZERO sense of perspective.

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