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The Reg takes the US government's insider threat training course

Brian Miller

I think he's revealed a lot of stuff on how NSA operate...

He confirmed what everybody suspected. Yes, we knew NSA is a spook agency. Yes, we knew they are the big crypto spyhouse intercepting everything. Gee, all of this just so confirms it.

The real problem is that Snowden screwed the US security apparatus by deliberately releasing the actual tools being used. This wasn't like that contractor who took work home with him, and then the Kaspersky scanner did what it was supposed to do by default: flag suspicious software and send a copy back for analysis.

Snowden basically did it just to be a jerk, and really nothing more than that. Yes, the spy agencies were/are violating laws. They have always done so, they will always do so. To change the system, change the people in power. Oops, more of the same. Time for torches and pitchforks, then, but wait, the commercial break on the telly is ending...

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