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AFAIK in the American colonies there were native slaves and even white slaved, especially before the large trafficking of Africans began.

Natives were enslaved first, but they were often not strong enough to stand the harsh and cruel conditions and died in big numbers - soon the colonizing states found some Africans types were far more resistant and started to traffic a lot of them.

White "criminals" - often imprisoned for minor offenses, as it was common at the time - were often deported to the colonies, and not a few of them actually sold, especially women when they were a scarce "good" in some colonies.

Of course, in the Old World, Africa, and Asia slavery was existing for thousand of years, and usually war prisoners were enslaved regardless of their ethnicity, stronger populations often raided weaker ones to capture people to be enslaved, and even debtors unable to pay their debts may end as slaves. Serfdom in some European states lasted well into the XIX century, and sometimes into the XX as well.

I can't really rule out some of my ancestors have been slaves or slave owners. And people are still trafficked and sold today, especially women.

While it is true US were the last modern state to allow slavery, the "black slave" is only its main and lasting local instance of slavery. What was worse and unbelievable is they weren't actually fully freed until the second half of last century, and racism is still so strong.

Next we will attack process or privilege "segregation"?

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