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Apple vs oranges

I'm no convinced this is the best case against Apple ever.

Let's say, you go to buy groceries, put oranges in a bag, go to the cashier, pay for them, then leave them on the counter and go home. One year later, you come back, and complain that your oranges, fairly paid, are not there anymore. Wouldn't that be ridiculous?

The notion that everything bought digitally will be forever available is wrong. He didn't download the movies, so what if Apple had folded? Or is it just assumed to be too big to fail? I've bought digital downloads from smaller companies, and I've not failed to fetch them immediately.

Still, I *do* agree that there is a problem: in the same way the assistant would have called out for you to pick your bag of oranges, Apple definitely should have sent a warning message that the download would cease to be available soon.

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