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Python joins movement to dump 'offensive' master, slave terms

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"FWIW, I still refer to myself as a cripple"

people who tell you what you should or shouldnt call yourself are as bad as people who tell others what terms they can or cant change. they're all, at heart, facists struggling with their perceived loss of power and identity.

language changes. constantly. and it does it through consensus. sometimes that consensus can be 'nudged' with the use of policy but ultimately, the moment people start accepting the new terms, is the moment it enters into the public lexicon.

it's really shocking to see so many people on this site have an issue with the changing terms. i'm sure those of you with a linguistics background know what that symbolises for a society. we all know where that particular train heads. hint, Trump, Berlusconi, May, Putin, Erdogan, Morsi, Netinyahu, Modi.

be weary of a population that starts feeling insecure. be weary of the politician who panders to those insecurities.

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