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ReL Remoaning stupidity

DEFRA, like for that matter every other gov't department both in the UK and in Europe, can't fully "prepare" for Brexit when no-one has the faintest idea of what, specifically, it's preparing for.

Well this is of course typical of the 'cant do' attitude that the EU has fostered in the public sector.

On the other hand other departments HAVE managed to plan for every contingency, essentially by assuming they will have to go it alone.

Unlike DEFRA they are adult enough not to pull the covers over their heads and say 'make it all go away, all we ever did was take Orders From Brussels, look forward to a fat retirement pension at 50 and make vacuous virtue signalling statements about the Need For Renewable Energy To Combat Climate Change and Conserving The Newt Popultio In Islington and How To Manage Farmland Ecologically So Its Guaranteed to Flood, by Neglecting Maintenance, and we don't know how to do anything else'

Of course DEFRA is in a mess, It is a repository for failed ecologists cultural Marxists and utter star gazing incompetents,..

Who have been drawing Big Money to let Eurocnuts do their jobs for them for years.,

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