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We're doomed: Defra's having a cow over its Brexit IT preparations

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Well DEFRA is full of all the ex-DECC 'climate change' woofters so of course its incapable of actually doing anything beyond holding its hands up in horror and virtue signalling.

What should be done is to simply fire the whole department, appoint a new head who has some intelligence and common sense, and start again.

Other departments - e.g. the agency responsible for nuclear regulation - are well on the way to a situation that can cope with any Brexit deal.

The fact that DEFRA is not, shows how deeply incompetent a ministry it actually is.

But then we knew that already, since the Somerset levels got flooded due to 'eco-managing' them instead of dredging.

It is of course amusing to see the remoaner argument changing from 'Britain has almost total autonomy in the EU, to say that all the rules and regulations were made in Brussels is nonsense' to 'So many rules and regulations are managed by Brussels that we couldn’t possibly go it alone' . A real poopcorn moment.

Doublethink in these ones strong is.

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