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As the current omnishambles approaches the impossible, then there is some hope that some kind of face-saving climbdown can be arranged

You have no idea how carefully planned the omnishambles has been.

The sole purpose was to demonstrate how Britain could not function without the EU.

Why else was a total failure in every job she has been in in government manoeuvred into power, told to hold an election which she nearly lost due to listening to cynical policy advice while the media bigged up Jeremy Corbyn?,..

The level of interference by the EU and by foreign powers in the affairs of this country, the total abandonment of truth common sense and probity shows that the EU and its supporters would rather destroy the united kingdom than let it leave.

THE EU has declared war on the UK, for daring to ask for more...And people had better work out which side they are on before its too late.

We are witnessing the ugly side of realpolitik, The ugly side of the EU and the ugly side of the Deep State as well.

Grow up. The EuroKinderGarten walls have been breached, and the reality of what its made of is becoming apparent.

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