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You know all those movies you bought from Apple? Um, well, think different: You didn't


I live in a region that is not well supported by the major publishers and torrents are generally the only way to get a lot of new content.

The thing is, once you get used to working with DRM free high quality .mkv files you start to ask why the hell you would pay for a crappier experience where you have to login, reauthenticate yourself, wait for the network connection to settle down and wonder if the content will be removed next week.

I am a huge film buff and still buy a fair number of blu ray discs because they are basically the same price or cheaper as a digital download, sound and picture quality is amazing (HDR10 looks great) and they are more convenient for me than storing a lot of ultra HD content.

Same goes for music, I used to buy albums on iTunes and just got annoyed with all the restrictions and it's often more expensive than buying physical media. For casual listening I have a Spotify subscription which I don't mind paying for because it's pretty clear that I'm paying for a service rather than ownership of a product. Most vinyl releases come with a download code these days so you can own something physical and also download the DRM free files for convenience.

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