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Look at me! Phone industry contracts nasty case of 5g-itis

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I have a phone that can do REAL 4G, aka LTE Advanced. Many phones have been compatible with REAL 4G for years.

So where can I get REAL 4G service? Nowhere I know of! Nowhere. All I can get is hyped up fast 3G with a label stuck on it that says it's 4G.

This is the stuff of what I call 'Marketing Morons', people who ignore the customer's needs in pursuit of selling them crap for the sake of making moneyMoneyMONEY!

Testing of 5G has gone poorly. Neighborhoods where testing has been done have been in an uproar because of the frequent repeaters stuck on telephone poles, leading them to wonder if this technology is worth the potential risk of over-exposure to EM radiation. Is this paranoia? Or is this the usual bad attitude of corporatocrats who care nothing for the rights and welfare of We The People? Just make more bucks; Parasitism, not capitalism.

Even if 5G testing results improve and we aren't all going to fry our brains with 5G EM frequency exposure, there won't be any chance of 5G service where I live until 2020, maybe.


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