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it is that I reject other's assertion that there is.

Which is an assertion in itself. Catch the air of my argument?

I also do not understand some religious people's obsession with regarding a lack of belief as a belief itself.

It's not an obsession, it is a feature you've pried out of the middle of a typical discussion about belief, in this case being a rational answer to something to the gist of "You religious people! You claim to have the truth about there being a God, while in fact we aren't 100% sure (haven't observed Him), so this is nothing but belief!".

Is your belief in a God as strong and important to you as your belief that there are no orbiting teapots?

It's because you've started at the middle of such a discussion. This is a (very common, verging on cliche) analogy, and this is a response to that fallacious comparison involved. Believers don't give a shit about orbiting teapots ... it's non-believers that are really obsessed with showing that believers in God are like believers in teapots :-P

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