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It's here! Qualcomm's new watch chip is finally here! Oh, uh, never mind

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I'm technical, and I had a smartwatch - a Pebble, until it broke and the company shut down so I couldn't replace it.

I used it for two basic functions - receiving notifications for email, text & Whatsapp, and controlling the music playing on my phone.

It is useful just to see what is that notification buzz on the phone without having to get it out of my pocket. For that alone it was worth to me whatever a Pebble cost. It is no way a life changing essential item, and it was not at all for doing things on, but if you have disposable income there are worse things to spend it on.

I did briefly try a more powerful Sony smartwatch and sent it back.

The Pebble was powerful enough to do those things with a battery that would last about a week.

I don't need pointless "activity tracking". I don't need a full Linux/Android computer on my wrist that wont last a full day, or weekend and is huge and ugly.

I think it is a shame there is now no manufacturer that starts with the premise that a watch should be small, and attractive, and the battery should last at least long enough that you can go away for a few days without having to take a charger, and needs only to be powerful enough to receive and display notifications from your phone via bluetooth.

No need for it to make calls, or have GPS, or record my heart rate.

I also exercise. And I have been quite able to do so for years before there was any such thing as a fitness tracker. The only useful fitness trackers are a watch and weighing scales.

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