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@Barry Ruegar and his "Big Picture"

Your PowerPoint data collection i.e. formatting company stats so that the CEO can understand them doesn't say much about the CEO intelligence.

Everyone has to pay their electric bill and arrange for salary to appear in bank accounts, it doesn't take genius level intelligence.

"There's deadwood at every level of an organization" and yet the wages/influence also increase as you go up the structure suggesting that the deadwood higher up is more of a problem than a "grunt" sweeping the floors for a pittance who no one listens to.

I have met many high level specialists who were recruited directly into management and never got their "hands dirty" using their specialist ability who, like you, do not understand the reality that the people who actual make the product to support all the leeches "above" them are the ones that are hardest to replace.

The UK came to believe in your BS so much that they got rid of manufactoring and moved over to services only, i.e. companies that produce hot air only and now look at us, the typical outcome of bad managements belief that they are indispensable when in reality they are but a drain on resources, i.e. bankrupcy.

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