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" create a recession!"

For rich people recession is _good_. That's why it's a regular thing.

Only poor people suffer in recessions as it's a designed property transfer move from poor to rich. That's why we have those every 20 years or so: Accumulated wealth is transferred to rich(est) people. A "gift" from GOP and FED. No others are needed.

Your income may not rise 10% per year like normally, but there's still plenty of it and you can use your loose change (few millions or so) to buy more stuff for cheap or very cheap.

- stock price slumps, buy more stock

- housing price drops, buy some houses more

- cheap to loan money, take more debt with fixed interest and buy even more everything

- buy competitors for cheap and have a monopoly (Current trend to anyone who's looking)

What is there not to like?

When all of that is done, it's time to stop recession and reap the profits.

Very simple loop.

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