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$200bn? Make that $467bn: Trump threatens to balloon proposed bonus China tech tariffs

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And therein lies the problem with globalization. The promise of globalization was that it would increase competition and lower prices on many products and it has definitely lower prices on many products. The problem comes from Corporations abandoning local production to take advantage of extremely low labour costs with little or no health care cost or other benefits often setting up shop, maybe even preferring despotic regimes as they'll be less resistance to bad employment policy. Once a country gives up the means of production of important or even vital equipment it has decided to cede its sovereignty. In a complex economy there is a place for some governmental control over the price of manufactured products and even what is manufactured. For instance, there should be manufacturing capability in NA and or Europe for networking equipment, computers, etc... and although perhaps there'll be a dominant architecture Government should always be pushing R&D in case there turns out to a significant issue with that architecture. I suspect that you all know of what I speak. The above is true of any product of any real value to a society.

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