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Re: 'understand' does NOT mean 'agree with socialists'

"high tax rates on "the rich" are actually on those trying to BECOME the rich [thus they keep middle class in their place, and lower class on the dole]"

Wow, one thing I actually agree with you on!

The problem is with taxing 'earned' income different (and higher) from capital gains and dividend income. The wealthy middle class (doctors, lawyers, top tech talent etc) are the ones paying the highest %age of tax, while the true rich make most of their income not from a job or profession but from assets they own, which are taxed less than earned income or (through various loopholes) not at all.

The solution is for all income to be considered as income and taxed in the same way, whether it's capital gains, dividends, income from employment or anything else. Then you could reduce tax rates without bankrupting teh country, a Trump's recent tax cuts are going to do

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