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Re: "socialism ultimately fails because it runs out of "other people's money"

Americans ( and many others) have been taught that Socialism = Communism.

It does not. This may, according to the definition used, be a matter of degree. But they are not the same. And of course some extreme political parties - of extreme left and extreme right- have adopted the word, on the basis that it implies something much more moderate and friendly than they really stand for. But it doesn't make them socialist and it doesn't make socialism what any of them stand for.

Communism is, in simple terms, the central ownership of everything on behalf of the people.

Socialism is the direction of resources so that incomes are spread equitably among the people.Which could mean communism. Marxist thinkers would define Socialism as a step on the path to Communism. As would the conservative right; though with much less appetite.And both Communists on the left and radical free-marketeers on the right would both have you think it is the same. Both have a vested interest in diverting society away from any system that manages the economy to be more equitable.

In a sense the extreme right and extreme left have a convergence of views. Because neither can bare the thought of a fair and equitable society. (And arguably the top echelon of both are just the same as each other anyway. See Orwell's Animal farm).

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