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'understand' does NOT mean 'agree with socialists'

"a huge number of US citizens do not understand that"

a) socialism ultimately fails because it runs out of "other people's money"

b) high tax rates on "the rich" are actually on those trying to BECOME the rich [thus they keep middle class in their place, and lower class on the dole]

c) one-sided trade deals ultimately favor your competitors, especially if they engage in predatory economic practices such _AS_ government subsidized 'competitive' pricing and deliberate "dumping" to drive domestic industries out of business

d) Oba[k,m]acare is a COMPLETE fiasco, because it DOUBLED insurance costs and empowered government to "make choices for you", is anti-freedom, etc.

e) China is attempting to force U.S. businesses OUT of business so that it won't have any competition, and THIS is why they're behaving "that way". If they were so great, how come they pay their workers CRAP wages in order to corner the world market on everything? It's because they [their neo-communist government, anyway] think they CAN.

And I think the American people very MUCH understand the concept of an insurance pool. Many of us, however, don't want to participate in something that costs THAT MUCH, but has no real benefit. Example, you only care about emergency hospitalization, but are forced to pay for HMO-like coverage, except it has a deductible that is SO high, you never exceed that amount in a year. So what's the point of paying for "all of that" when you could get "just emergency care" coverage for WAY LESS??? And that's why Oba[k,m]a-"care" *FAILS*.

Or like me, say "F-that" to insurance, and just buy what you need, because THAT is what _I_ want to do. It's _MY_ life, not anyone else's, and the rest of the universe can PACK SAND if they *FEEL* I should do differently. They're not ME. _I_ run _MY_ life. *FREEDOM*

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