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Wannabe Supreme Brett Kavanaugh red-faced after leaked emails contradict spy testimony

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First off... the emails weren't leaked as first reported. They were approved the evening before by the Senate sub-committee. Senator Booker introducing them was just putting together a grandstanding moment for the crowd, in hopes of becoming a front runner for president.

If you read everything thoroughly, you'll find in each case, it shows how the nominee is actually very UNBIASED in his opinions. (which is why not a lot was really talked about during questioning in the afternoon or making headlines) In protecting freedoms of everyone from all ethnic backgrounds; despite Islamist terrorists attacking the USA a week earlier.

As far as being read into a program. There are items which can come from a program which are declassified or classified releasable outside of it's SCI container. This often happens for certain high ranking government officials, judges, etc. with a need to know.

It's amazing how people immediately disregard facts, when lies or 'spin' is brought up on things they wish to hear.

If you want to make a comment when knowing only 2% of the information, and/or looking at all the facts--instead of looking at everything from all sides--you're free to do so. By now, you're likely used to the taste of toes in your mouth. You will also likely continue to make less than $70K/year.

If you notice, not a lot was brought up in questioning this afternoon... other than grandstanding blah blah questions, and nothing is being made of it today. Well, nothing substantial. I'm sure the far left will still rant and chew on this nothingburger.

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