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Please describe how that's any different from the state-of-the-art, quantum-effect-reliant, billions-of-transistors electrical-number-cruncher in front of them when they are just "clicking on the box" anyway?

1) You can't expect people to understand how everything they use works, beyond a primitive knowledge (like my knowledge of the internal combustion engine... I can draw you all kinds of diagrams, I wouldn't have a clue how to go about making one actually work though)... and that's *at best*.

2) Most people, even if they could, don't care about how the machine works.

3) The DNS / IP system is nothing but a pretty layer over ugly technicality anyway. It literally exists so people can type in things like and have stuff happen.

4) Nobody has really cared about the www. part for years, possibly decades... exactly the reason some sites don't serve the base domain only the www subdomain, or vice-versa. Don't even get me started on emails going to

5) SSL CA's have always included one where you request the other. It's literally that common.

5) Unless you have a really good reason, I can't see why the base domain or the www. should do anything different to each other. When someone accesses port 80/443 of your IP, surely you want to send them to your website, no? I can understand not advertising, say, server1, server2 etc. subdomains, that are used internally to serve the content, but what are you expecting someone who just types in or to do differently?

6) The example is a classic "techy" solution - I know, because I run a bunch of servers for them. And typing in will send you to a random-guys web port of a random time server. I'm pretty sure that's not a very bright idea at all and they should have used an entirely differently sub/domain. For example, and should go to the website. But gives you a time server. No different to how (or equivalent) should be your mail server, or smtp. or time. etc. - not just using the raw domain for that (because then it's tricky to separate one service from the other when you want to migrate one to an entirely different IP and you end up hard-coding IPs into things like SPF records rather than use and then give that an A record to point to a different IP)

You can't cover up decades of convention, tradition and bad design *now*, as an excuse for a browser doing what some browsers have been doing for years. Especially not when apart from real-oddballs like NTP pool (who really should have done it better) hardly anyone could ever be affected. Now, if the edit didn't give you the full URL when you went to copy/paste but the shortened version instead... yeah, then I'd have serious issues with it.

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