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I see it as part of a broader trend from some of the tech providers to make us more reliant on their technology by abstracting address information away and setting themselves up as the needed gatekeepers.

- iPhones will display actual phone numbers as little as possible, making their Contacts your crutch. I was really happy to get those back on my (late, regretted) BB10 phone. Gmail requires a few (simple) steps before it shows you the actual email addresses (and no it's not like the screen space needed optimizing).

- Windows now makes it difficult to see a directory's path in Explorer, unless you click on the address bar to show it. Mac's Finder has always more or less privileged that behavior. Windows is now extending that to programs as well, which are more easily searched for than pinned.

Letting alone the Cortanas, Siris and sundry other AI "assistants".

- Chrome is now doing that with the URLs.

If, visually, you can't see where things are, then it makes average Jane more leery, and less capable, of leaving their existing phone/browser/desktop provider and experimenting with alternatives.

In some ways, this is beneficial, by making a computer somewhat less complicated to use. But it's not just done for our best interest.

So, 'Marketing', may not be far off or whichever department retains behavioral experts on user retention/lock-in.

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