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Have you not heard of the national data opt-out, another one of those government run botched IT projects. You get the right to opt out of your data being used for anything not directly related to making you well.

Anyway the point is, Information is valuable, and even completley annonomised data sets are valuable. And currently private firms have access to this data for peanuts and make millions, so to find the shortfall the NHS needs but the Gov dont have, surley they should pay fair price for it.

But the NHS is broken, and throwing money at it wont make it better. It needs to be re-formed, ie get rid of all these "trusts" and go back to one national organistaion that makes everyone better. Remove the postcode lottery, the stupid contracts where you have to get 3 busses for an MRI cos the CCG saves £10 per patient, where the areas that are more efficient pass those savings not to private companies as profits, but to those areas that still need a service, but it costs more to do.

Centralise procurement and de-centralise care, improve patient choice and remove the fat cat Trust Boards, CCGs and Commisioning units, that sap all the sense and care out of the system.

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