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@ hoola

"Amazon are directly responsible for decimating retailers everywhere"

Great isnt it! If you dont like it then dont use them, you are free to do so. But if you want something specific you can find it on Amazon, even find used and new for less! Now imagine you are low income, maybe a student and you need resources. Do you waste your time looking manually at all the physical stores for what you want and maybe order it in at high cost? Or search amazon and get it from somewhere in the world and probably cheaper.

The best part is that retail accessibility is available regardless of your income, so that means we all get an increase in our disposable income by reducing the expenses (its cheaper). Amazon uses a few warehouses in cheap out of the way property vs high street expensive outlets which also reduces cost.

If you dont want any of that feel free not to use them, it is free choice. But there is more than just not being ripped off by the tax man that makes amazon a benefit in this country and others.

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