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European nations told to sort out 'digital tax' on tech giants by end of year

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Physical presence provides an extremely strong drag on being able to go jurisdiction shopping

It creates no drag at all. See Boots for an example.

If you are the UK you will quite quickly cut the tax take from all the physically-present companies mentioned.

Leaving them more money to invest in growth which then leads to a higher tax base.

Worse, in the slightly longer term you will end up pushing an even larger percentage of your workforce into fake self-employment.

The difference is nearly double already. Dropping it further won't inentivise anyone that isn't already playing that game.

It turns out that the hopelessly simplistic analysis you bought into wasn't just bad because it made us unpopular tax haven pariahs. It has actually cost us billions of pounds.

No, I'm afraid its just that you don't understand taxation or economics sufficiently well to reason through the proposition. This is what I do for a very well paid living. Sorry, but you really are so far wide of the mark as to leave me baffled as to how you've arrived at the position you have.

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