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So your solutions is? You are very quiet about that - note that "taxing profits" has proved to be a complete failure ... the FANG companies don't make profits "on the books".

Sure they do - they just don't make them on the books of non-competetive tax regimes.

You have two realistically workable options for adjusting the tax amount paid, and really only two. They are:

1) An internationally accepted and levied flat tax

2) Be a competetive place to pay CT - and by competetive I really mean cheap (low CT, say 5% and you'd corner the market with ballooning tax take)

Anything else is just playig the same game we play now, but with marginally different rules. Two guesses who's better at playing the game within whatever rules have been devised? Hint: It's not now, never was, and never will be the tax man.

I can almost feel the hate from here, but I'm not condoning or condemning the players or game, I'm just explaining how it works in reality rather than intent. There's no moral or spiritual component to taxation, there's only a balance due created by applying a rule set. It is what it is.

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