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You are making the classic mistake of saying 'cant do IT'.

The assumption is that they are OK at the not IT stuff. They are not.

The problem is that the NHS, UKGOV/public sector do no purge people. The private sector as recession and competition - adapt of die. The private sector is not good at IT/software because it wants to spend the blood sweat and tears. They are good because they HAVE to be - or die. See TSB for this.

The problem with UKGOV/NHS/public sector is people get their feet under the desk and move up according to age/brown nosing. Anything disruptive/competitive o that position gets pushed back on.

For a bureaucrat, theses nothing more undermining than software - poof, jobs gone in flash.

If you want to get the same level of change/adaption in the NHS/UKGOV/public sector then you need to getting rid of a good 50% of the none clinical/techinical positions every 10 years - spoof recessions. Do it by random selection otherwise the same self import clique will remain.

And Im serious on that.

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