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It's government in general - they just can't do IT in any sensible way. The ones making the decisions are not the ones to USE the software, as well as many managers don't really understand the day-to-day processes that sustain their own department. That means you get software that either doesn't work at all or has such an atrocious user interface it requires 10 steps to do something that should be done with one click. The system we're getting before too long fits the latter category.

Deloitte throwing poo at Oracle is amusing. Deloitte took the California state court system for over $300 million for a supposedly statewide computer system that didn't work. The very idea was ridiculous because the scope made no sense. They were attempting to write software that would scale from a 2 judge rural court up to run Los Angeles County, which has a court system bigger than the entire U.S. Federal Court system. With such a ridiculous scope, of course it didn't work. Based on what I've seen, I wouldn't trust Oracle OR Deloitte any farther than I could throw one of their salesdroids. But those guys do know how to lie effectively to manglement, so the robbery and crap software will continue.

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