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taxation vs economic activity

If you want an economic activity to be IMPAIRED, tax it.

If you want an economic activity to INCREASE, cut taxes on it (or make it 'tax free').

Since one of the things 'at issue' here is the economics of monetizing people's personal data, then (if you really want to) TAX IT INTO OBLIVION [especially if that's the only way it can be stopped]. I hate saying that, but it would WORK.

As for getting gummint revenue, "making corporations pay their fair share" is a stupid way of getting revenue, and succeeds in dividing the haves from the have-nots even MORE than before.

"Corporations" don't pay tax. It's the people who OWN the corporation [through stock, equity, etc.] that pay the tax. Many of these people are regular working stiffs with a retirement portfolio. Think about it. And if a tax increase on a corporation causes them NOT to hire [or to do layoffs], you get what you deserve, more people demanding unemployment compensation.

["the rich" already HAVE their wealth; taxing income won't transfer it to "the poor" - they'll alter whatever behavior or investment, as necessary, to avoid the 'new tax'. What it *WILL* do is put yet another roadblock in the path of someone working hard trying to BECOME "the rich", who can't afford to do tax evading things]

Also gummint needs to CUT BACK ON SPENDING at least in proportion to ANY tax increases. If you force the people to tighten THEIR belts, you gummint weenies BETTER be SETTING THE EXAMPLE by DOING IT YOURSELF. But like all arrogant (corrupt?) politicians and bureaucrats, they'll *EXEMPT* *THEMSELVES* from the negative effects.

And 'austerity' needs to go, too (it's just a means to promise the moon to people, so that they will vote for YOU to get it).

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