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There's a healthy dose of stupidity for sure. But there are other issues too:

1) Healthcare organisations are notoriously (perhaps understandably) risk- and uncertainty-averse which makes it hard to get projects up and running, approvals for anything, etc. And they're just used to this way of operating even when it's not necessary. I've seen some NHS people uneasy with a lack of "governance" for the most trivial little non-clinical projects; it's just not in their DNA.

2) Like other areas such as aviation, the requirement for safety, certification etc inflates prices. And means loads of additional controls - see (1).

3) IT is generally regarded as a cost centre so doesn't get the funding it needs to do a good job (of course a lot of money is also wasted). It's hard to make the case for why you should invest in "computers" rather than nurses, beds etc.

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