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@Mr. Attention-Whoring-Random-Caps-Gimmick; As the other person noted, Microsoft weren't noted for their resource efficiency, even back then.

If Windows 95 was "snappy" at the time, that's probably as much because it was doing much less by modern standards. And also because despite the improved multitasking and better interface, it was still based on MS-DOS (#) and Windows 3.1 under the skin- rather than the NT-based newer versions- which would be grossly unsuitable for any remotely modern use.

I'm the last person you could accuse of being an MS "fanboi"- I loathe them more than ever with the blatant spyware that is Windows 10- and it's true that modern software is often horribly efficient in general- but your (tediously bombastic) nostalgia says nothing of real insight either.

FFS, if efficiency was all that mattered, we'd ditch the OS altogether and hit the bare metal directly. There's a reason that's gone out of fashion, though...

(#) i.e. A ripoff/clone/workalike of CP/M (a minimal- by modern standards- OS designed in the mid-70s for early 8-bit CPUs) which required numerous subsequent modifications in order to overcome its obsolete-at-birth architecture and ended up being a pig-fugly hacked about mess.

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