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I use DDG whenever possible. It is my default, and most of my searches go through it. However, there are types of queries that google can handle much better. One of these is when you want to download some piece of software, but you don't remember what the download link is for it. If it's a thing that has its own site, then it's straightforward (go to site, click download). Consider a program like thunderbird. Is it I don't know; it might be. If you want the download quickly, google will direct you to the right one from the search "mozilla thunderbird download", whereas duckduckgo will give you several close but wrong pages. They are also prone to being attacked by the SEO-intensive software distribution sites that put malware in with the download if you can even find it. Google can also answer certain questions directly. When the standard user wants to ask a question and get the answer fast, google's lead in this keeps them from taking my suggestion and switching to something that is more respectful of the user.

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