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based on a paternal attempt to dictate what "doesn't appeal to business customers".

If you've been following Windows itself before the advent of the iPhone and afterwards, you'd notice that the register "here meaning the writing style" in Windows documentation, interface messages, and public-facing material like its websites was always "business first, home user later".

Windows documentation reads pretty rigidly "in a literary sense". There's nothing to appeal to the basic home user. The language reads like a technical manual. Errors that kept asking the user to "contact their system administrator." Wait, who is that again?

(Or when the user thinks, "Hey! I'M the system administrator!" because he's using an Administrator account. Don't laugh ... because that was me.)

This is because M$ has always seen itself as an "enterprise-focused" company (or too arrogant to condescend to the average person).

On the other side, what other companies did (especially Apple and Sony Computer Entertainment) is "home user first, businesses, dunno, later?". The messages in their user interfaces and their documentation and the like are a lot more friendlier.

Microsoft has learned the lesson of late, but they're frankly overdoing it with their "niceness" and "informality" of messages, actually.

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