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Google is 20, Chrome is 10, and Microsoft would rather ignore the Nokia deal's 5th birthday

Waseem Alkurdi Silver badge

Nokia X? Seriously?

The half-assed phone that couldn't be bothered rendering its own user interface without lag?

The Android phone without Play Store (or any proof for the end-user that it was Android)? The phone whose crappy plastic would leave Chinese no-name factories and in-flight entertainment headset makers jealous?

If only it was a flagship ... Maybe a current HMD device, only made by "real Nokia*", and to Nokia quality ...

That's not to say that Microsoft liked the sight of the former giant releasing an Android device.

* Some are gonna say that HMD was founded by Nokia ex-employees. Yep. They aren't Nokia. Their phones definitely don't smell Nokia, but rather of some China factory product ...

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