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>"You'll downvote me for this but Libreoffice is missing the key feature of having everything I need in the same menu location that it is in Office. "


Tools>Customise, configure menu and toolbars to suit.

And Libreoffice now comes with a ribbon as well though I avoid it.

Though... Office abandoned the Menu system for the ribbon in 2007 and then they patented it. So I assume you are mean the ribbon and then, while I do not know about whether the ribbon in Libreoffice can be customised, there is the problem of the Ribbon patent so I guess Libreoffice CANNOT reproduce the Office ribbon exactly.

But still, I, personally, would figure the cost benefit of learning a different system which can be user defined would beat paying for a system you can't define at all and forces you to pay again and again - either in forced upgrades or subscription, to carry out the same tasks as before (the ribbon and xml formats were developed to force people off Office 97 which gave the functionality everyone wanted and so Microsoft could not persuade people to upgrade... along with activation meaning forced paid for upgrades!) with the updates changing the ribbon requiring some degree of relearning anyway.

Libreoffice kinda stays the same... for good or for ill... so work out where the menu items are or use the shortcuts and you're set for life! Done me well for 8 years now and I used to work with ALL Microsoft products in a software house in the old country. Now I pride myself on being all Linux and it's saved a fortune on my micro business in SE Asia!

Oh, and KDE lets me configure everything the way I want as well.

I like customisation...

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