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"WP 5.1 was pretty damn good really, even by today's standards. (I still have a copy, on 5 floppies...."

Better test those floppies, assuming you still have a machine with a floppy drive. They might have developed the odd (fatal) bad sector. Assuming of course your floppy drive still works...

Funny you should mention 'Reveal Codes'. Had a numpty user save their 2 page form they'd been working on for the last 2 days as a PDF from Word 2010. So far so good, except they then decided to delete the original Word source.

Still not the end of the world if that was the final version of the form. Except it never is, is it? And their disk is nearly full so previous version to recover. And no recent backup.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I offered to convert the PDF back to a Word .docx which Office 2013 and later can do.

It did a half decent job with only a few random extra carriage returns inserted in the odd table row.

And one extra large space in one row that I can't for the life of me figure out how to remove. Even after turning on Word's equivalent of 'Reveal Codes'

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