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I feel the field engineer's pain.

More than once I've been called out to a data center to replace a failed hard drive where the client's call center provided incomplete info in the ticket.

The ticket is supposed to contain the server rack location (room, row, cabinet number) as well as the server serial number.

I arrive onsite, sign in, provide my ID and ticket number, scan my iris at security, then again at the server room door.

Contact the help desk to request the missing location info and get told they don't know what the rack row and cabinet number and can I just look for the server with an amber HDD failure LED?

Sure guys I'll wander through the 1000 server racks all of which have at least two servers with failed drives in them and check serial numbers.

Not a chance. Call me back when you have the info, I don't care how irate your client is with you.

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