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Hi, Charles 9:

1) Re: Ur. Pt. 3 "ZFS": I just had a chance to look at the Wikipedia description of this Sun Microsystems 128-bit filesystem. It reminds me of an even much bigger address system proposed by RFC1385 that is listed as Reference [11] of the EzIP Draft. If you look at its Figure 1 on page 4 and then the description of "EIP Extension Length: 8 bits" on page 4/5, you will find that it was proposing an address system that could be up to 256 bytes long, which would be 16 times of the IPv6's 128 bit system! As commented in the EzIP Draft, the RFC1385 approach required modifications to CRs (Core Routers) which appeared to be non-trivial. It sounds to me that the IPv6 implementation may be even more complex, because I never heard about upgrading an IPv4 router to be IPv6 capable via S/W or F/W download process.

Abe (2018-09-03 10:02)

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