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Wow. I hope you still get paid whatever compensation you would normally get paid.

Anyway, a handy tip for avoiding jury service in the future!

As an aside, in my clubbing days, there was this really cooled chilled out nightclub in Mumbles village, that sorta had an "inverse dress code" - well, not literally, but generally most guys were there in casual jeans, or even shorts and sandals (me!) .

In the clubs in nearby Swansea city, you invariably had the groups of people "smartly dressed" who invariably started fights... The sort who's only other chance to wear a suit is at their court hearing :-)

If they had been kicked out of too many clubs they'd often 'spill over' to Mumbles, and would be refused entry because they were most likely the "smartly dressed thugs".

I was working in London shortly afterwards, and I told a mate there, who didn't believe me.. We visited back home once, and went down Mumbles, and even his casual clothes appeared too formal, and he was only allowed in after I vouched for him!

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