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"Oh please do tell us how that "education" was performed."

Despite the proffered vision....

In a bunch of cases here it's been something along the lines of:

Sits down beside user, gets comfortable.

"Now do you see that box that's popped up on the screen?"

"Yes, it's got some error message in it"

"What does that message say?"

"I don't know, something incomprehensible, I don't read them!"

"So, humour me and read this one. What does it say"

"Cannot connect to mailserver, password expired"

"What do you suppose that might mean?"

"I don't know! I don't read them!"

"You're reading this one."

"Er I don't know, Maybe that my password has expired?"

"Now you're starting to catch on. Now why do you think that might have happened?"

"Because I didn't change it?"

"Why didn't you change it"

"Because I didn't know I had to"

"Even though emails were telling you it was about to expire and you had to change it, 21 and 14 days before it expired, then one every day in the final week, and then 2 per day for 14 days between expiry and the account being totally locked out - and your password expired 5 days ago"

"What emails? I never saw them!"

$boss - seeing them clearly showing up in the mail client subject list on the screen

"Really, have you looked at your mailbox?"


"Take another look?

"There's nothing there!"

"What about these ones then?"

"I don't read those!!"

Eventually the user was persuaded to change password and told to read email.

Next time the password expired, we went through the same circus.

User is a senior academic researcher with high level qualifications and a string of awards to his/her name (there is more than one culprit, they're of both sexes and they all have prima donna tendencies) - giving substance to the hypothesis that provision of PhD involves removal of common sense.

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