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Drooling retards

A " Loyal Commenter" writes:

Do you also consider those who listen to music to be gibbering loons?
No, not gibbering loons — mindless drones. Worse, people who are doing their best to make themselves mindless drones.

Come now, have you really not realised that people who walk around with earplugs in all day, constantly drizzling their brains in muzak, are doing that so as not to have to listen to their own thoughts (or lack thereof)?

Those who watch TV knuckle-dragging cro-magnons?
Depends. Is that something, say, narrated by Simon Schama they're watching? Or "Reality" TV...?

Maybe those who go to the cinema are slavering zombies?
No, just sheep eager to be shorn.

Or perhaps, your arrogant disdain for the ways in which others choose to entertain themselves in their own time just frames you as a small-minded idiot.
Perhaps. Or perhaps not.

FWIW, the global games market is worth well over $100bn annually, compared to the movie industry, worth somewhere shy of £40bn p/a.
"argumentum ad lots of money"?

That's a lot of "drooling retards", isn't it?
Yes, indeed, that's a lot.

Why, you thought "argumentum ad lots of people" is any better than "argumentum ad lots of money"? It isn't. Sturgeon's law, you know.

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