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Since I'm going at this more from a layman's perspective, perhaps I can explain.

1. Imagine your walk into a bar with a pint glass and find everyone drinks their beer by the liter. Sort of a "When in Rome" kind of situation. Which would be easier: getting them down to your level or adapting and fitting in to theirs?

2. RFC791 was necessarily constrained due to the limits of computing technology at the time (think 1MHz processors and where kilobytes were at a premium). It's like the whole "640K" thing. At some point, reality eclipses the imagination, at which point it's time to start fresh.

3. The IPv6 packet format isn't so much more complicated as it is different. It's like an Englishman suddenly getting thrown deep into China. You're just going to have to sit down with the specs and work this bit by bit, much like a language course. One thing about IPv6 is that its most basic header just gets down to the nitty-gritty. The rest of the stuff is optional. Wikipedia provides some relatively simple descriptions and diagrams. Compare IPv6's format to IPv4's. As for the 128-bit address format, that's future-proofing. It's not the first standard to even use it, either (look up ZFS and its thought process for using number formats that large). Current theory is that there aren't even that many molecules in the entire universe. So there's room to solve that other problem I've been mentioning but your system never addresses (complicated routing tables--that MUST be addressed from the root to be effective or you just have TWO complicated routing tables to mess with)..

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