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Not just you Helldesk guys..

"My internet isnt working" was common when I was supporting colleagues as the IT lead. Except that "My internet isn't working" frequently turned out to mean "My whole fucking computer isn't working". Not being tied to a remote IT desk I quickly learnt that it was quicker to pop up/downstairs to their office than try to resolve issues over the phone. Luckily, though it meant stopping my own work to do it, that usually saved much more time than it wasted - even allowing for all the other diversions and delays on the way.

Whereas "The email isn't working" did often mean that the internet connection was down. Oh, and sometimes "The computer isn't working" meant that the printer had gone offline when they needed it. I never got to the bottom of that, even standing next to the fully working computer with them, looking at the error message from the printer. And once, when this happened, the user pointed to the error messages on the screen and said "See, it isn't working".

I assume we've all been through dealing with users who think the monitor is the computer, and the box is just the "hard drive". As in "Is the light on the computer on? "Yes." . When in fact only the monitor is.

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