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VMware 'pressured' hotel to shut down tech event close to VMworld, IGEL sues resort giant


I used to support quite a big set up of WYSE/Dell thin Clients. Was never truly happy with them.

The last few years we've been using IGEL thin clients. Best thin clients I've supported so far. Their management console is superior anything I've seen from the other vendors. The clients we have are past the expected lifetime, and they still keep running and running.

We're currently upgrading all our IGELs to newer Versions, not even considering any competitors (even tho we do have a lot of Dell stuff here). Recommended if you need a quality thin client that's also easy to manage.

Now I just wish I could oust VMware from our server room. Sadly, someone is too "religious" to allow for any other hypervisor (weirdly enough, we have quite a large setup of XenServers.. I'm sorry, I mean Citrix Hypervisor (unless they changed the name again....).. in our lab.

Well, looking onwards, we'll probably have to look for ways to do things cheaper. My contribution will be to ditch VMware from everything I have a hand in :)

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