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Spanners: "PS anti-fascist includes the far left, socialists, liberals, center-right and classic conservatives.It may include libertarians but I've not met many real ones"

You missed out "anti-fascist includes ..." → "any and every remotely decent, compassionate, thoughtful person who actually has got their shit together as a mature, adult human being"

Let's face it, history is 100% right about this: fascism is for ignorant, squalid-minded, loudmouthed imbeciles. It works in much the same way as one of its beloved components, racism: being a racist is as good as having a tattoo on your forehead, handily spelling it out so no one can be in any doubt: "I am a nasty idiot". Really, it's a pity some fascists wear suits or otherwise conceal themselves in faux respectability: the "Nasty Idiot" tattoo would make them so much easier to avoid.

I guess the online equivalent would be to hack one's browser so that words like "trump" or "bombastic" were auto-replaced with descriptive epithets. Any suggestions ...?

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