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Key2 LE : No gesture support, no sale

One of the best things about the other Android Blackberry phones is that they combine the best features of a physical keyboard (tactile feedback, known location of keys, etc) with the best of a virtual keyboard (prediction, ability to navigate with cursors, deletion of words (usually because the prediction has inserted a word when you don't want it to)).

It's still a step up from an entirely virtual keyboard, but I can't say I'm impressed, especially given the other disadvantages of Blackberry.

I'm waiting on the Moto Mod keyboard coming out. Motos aren't perfect but they can be rooted, and it's a landscape keyboard - so much better than portrait.If that doesn't pan out, I'll reluctantly go for a KeyTWO, but I'm not keen on a phone with a defined lifespan, as it can't be rooted and I'm beholden to the manufacturer for updates. Given that Blackberry dropped the Priv after two years like a hot potato, I'm not inclined to give them more money.

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