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StheD & Cirby, thanks for the replies. I am not l lawyer, and have had no dealings with event bookings from either side, so would have to bow to your experience.

However, as a layman, I'd have thought JohnFen was spot on. If the restaurant aren't privvy to the details of hotel contracts that can effect bookings they are allowed to make, then they damn well should be.

If the restaurant then makes a booking, and - as in this case - it turns out they shouldn't have, how can IGEL be to blame?

As I see it, when the events unfolded, they should have continued to honour their contract with IGEL, leaving vmware to demand compensation from the hotel for any failure to provide what was contracted.

I see it as the hotel totally screwing up here (after all, it's them that forced the restaurants actions) - they should have sucked it up, and dealt with any fallout that occurred. Kicking IGEL out mid-flow like that is just not on. - It makes IGEL out to be some sort of unreliable company that can't organise an event, and/or isn't a reliable payer. I think they are therefore fully justified to sue for losses, and damages to their reputation.

I certainly wouldn't now trust this venue to hold any event I was responsible for.

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