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Very Good Answer...

I used to work in the tech department of an electronic retailer, still in operation, sounds like a police office....

Anyway I answered the phone....

"I have the wrong monitor"

"Very sorry sir, was it the 14 inch instead of the 15 inch?" (yes it was that long ago)

"No it just won't fit"

I asked about bend pins on the cable, bent outer shell etc, all the time getting "No it just won't fit"

I asked if he was trying to fit it to the wrong port (the NEW colour coded ports were a godsend!)

"No it just won't fit, I've looked at it and it won't fit"

Aha! thinks I.. "Well sir, it may look like it won't fit if some of the pins are missing, but the VGA connector does not use all the pins so sometimes they just don't put them in, but if you try it it will fit"

"No it won't I've held it next to the port and it's too big"

"Have you actually tried it?" I ask.

"No because I can see it won't fit"

"Will you please try it?"

"No because I can see it won't fit!"

After about 10 minutes of this I start to loose my temper (It took much longer back in those days, about 10 seconds these days)

"Look" I shout "Will you just bloody try it!!!"


Then a sheepish voice on the other end saying "I've been a bit foolish haven't I?"

"Yes sir you have, Bye" and hung up.

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