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Ah, yes, that would be this?

IIRC, PCW published the source code a a version of The Last One which I dutifully typed in, spent ages correcting the typos I'd made, played with for a short while, and was severely underwhelmed after all the hype. As far as I remember, it could create database systems with data entry screens, querying and reporting and that was pretty much it's limits.

In retrospect, it was impressive at the time for what it was I suppose, but still, fairly limited.

I remember something a bit more advanced and very GUI oriented some years later called Black Box which made similar claims and was equally underwhelming, if reasonably decent at what it could actually do as opposed to what the hype implied it could do. Sadly "Black Box", even with some relevant qualifiers seems to be far to generic to search Google for evidence of it's past existence.

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